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Well, it does take up a good amount of space and it is out in the open. That is why keeping it clean and spotless is a must if you want to receive good impressions of your home. Polished pavements are, not only pleasing to the eye, it also speaks volumes on how you treat your surroundings. While the task of keeping your driveway clean sounds easy, it is actually harder than it sounds. Especially for pavements that bears heavy traffic, so hire driveway pressure washer  now.

Driveways are obviously, one of the places that are vulnerable to dirt and dust because of vehicles. The tires of vehicles can bring a lot of unwanted filth and sometimes, it goes deep in the concrete, soiling it and staining it. This is because of cement’s porous aspect.

Concrete power wash in Texas has pores—small holes that, while tiny, can house and absorb moisture. This is why stains are a common dilemma for road tracks. Additionally, the texture of cement can lead to build-up of mold, moss, dust and other biological elements in its nooks and crannies.


driveway pressure washing


Driveway Pressure Washing


Other problems such as ground-in leaves, typical oil spills, the ongoing wear-and-tear and the likes. A bit too overwhelming, don’t you think? Imagine cleaning pavements all by yourself, or more accurately, handling an infuriatingly tedious task all by yourself; no washer, no equipment, no nothing, and just yourself.

Fortunately for us, this is where pressure washing in Laredo, Texas services come in.

Pressure washing services is a popular option for cleaning any part of the house, or even a whole squeaky clean. This, of course, includes driveways. Because of the use of pressure washers and a service willing to do all the work for you, the idea of cleaning driveways doesn’t look so bad, after all. Not to mention, the price to pay is quite cheap compared to other services.

Driveway Power Washing

A common soiled concrete road surfaces is washed by pressure cleaning by step. Here’s how it goes:

First, what they do is wet the cement and allow it to dry. Any nearby shrubs, bushes and plants should also be wet with water. If the concrete is stamped or colored, services opt for normal pressure washing instead of power washing, so the color will not fade. They also make sure that the surface is compatible to any solution they will use by testing it.

Moving on, they will now cover the stains and the dirt with different absorbent materials such as sawdust and baking soda. While this will only absorb on what is on the surface, this can also lessen the stain’s visibility.

Some services resort to using TSP or Trisodium phosphate. TSP is used to clean oil off driveways and it is strongly alkaline which means it will not damage your cement track. The downside of TSP though is that it is harmful to the body and the environment.

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Some services use a more environmental-friendly solution, and this is sprayed with a pressure washer. It will be left for 5-7 minutes, but it shouldn’t get dry. If the concrete’s main problem is its dark color, bleach is often the solution for that.

After that, the solution is then rinsed completely with water along with the vegetation. Generally speaking, pressure cleaning services only cost 200 bucks which is the cheapest price.

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