pressure washing laredo texas

We’ll give it to you straight, friends. You can’t power wash everything, unfortunately.

Just because it’s dreadfully dirty, doesn’t mean that the immediate solution is your shiny new pressure washer.

Your power washing machine might clean every nook and cranny of everything in your path— but some things aren’t just designed to take the (very huge) pressure coming from it.

And you might not even know it! Next thing you know, the perfectly functioning thing is a couple drops of water away from disintegrating. 

We’re kidding (mostly)! But there are some things that might get broken when subjected to the pressure of the water.

Here are the things you should never, ever power wash. Ever.






1. People, Animals, and Plants

Yep, living things are out of the question. You can’t use it to water your plants or anything— nor play it as a practical joke between your fellow human beings and animals. It usually ends up bad. Like, hospital bad.

2. electrical Panels, Meters

If they’re out in the open— they could most probably survive a storm. No biggie. But a pressure washer? It’s done for, amigo. 

3. Painted Stuff

Well… really though, power washes are used for removing paint— so in case that’s not your intention, we suggest steering clear for now.

4. Vehicles

If you pressure wash your car— the result is gonna be heartbreaking. So unless you want to see your car filled with dents after, go to a pro for soft washing.

5. Shingles

In cleaning your roof, pressure washing isn’t advised. Like, in the least. First of all, it’s dangerous. Second of all, it can blow a hole through your roof if the pressure bombs. Third, your shingles (especially asphalt!) could really slide out of place.


So, in conclusion— we recommend you not to DIY all your power washing escapades. Get our services instead! We’re Pressure Washing Laredo, Texas! We do the dirty work for you. Call (956) 8152088

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