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We’ll give it to you straight, friends. You can’t power wash everything, unfortunately.

Just because it’s dreadfully dirty, doesn’t mean that the immediate solution is your shiny new pressure washer.

Your power washing machine might clean every nook and cranny of everything in your path— but some things aren’t just designed to take the (very huge) pressure coming from it.

And you might not even know it! Next thing you know, the perfectly functioning thing is a couple drops of water away from disintegrating. 

We’re kidding (mostly)! But there are some things that might get broken when subjected to the pressure of the water.

Here are the things you should never, ever power wash. Ever.

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5 Reasons to Sanitize Your Home/Roof Using Pressure Washing

Over the course of time, your driveway takes a major beating throughout. What with all the countless times you used your vehicle to get somewhere and return, it really gets dirtied easily. Your driveway is a high traffic area that gets soiled every day, and in addition to that, it also gets compounded by the forces of nature, such as the weather.

A driveway accumulates a lot of dirt, oil, filth, and other nasty substances over the course of time. These substances mix together, creating a concoction that adheres to the asphalt, causing it to lose its former glory and appeal.

The best way to properly maintain a safe, clean driveway is by pressure/power washing a driveway, because not only is it fast and effective, it is also really cheap, and offers a great deal of benefits!

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5 Reasons to Sanitize Your Home/Roof Using Pressure Washing

Go take a walk outside your house. Take time to visually inspect the exterior parts of your valuable house. Then, ask yourself these questions: Do you see any kind of filth? Stains? Or dirt anywhere? Can you see mildews and molds forming and proliferating? Are you seeing any grime or debris build up? If so, it is definitely time for a clean up.

As a homeowner, it is key that you ensure proper, good maintenance of your house. It is paramount that you keep your house to tip-top shape by having routine maintenance. House maintenance does not stop at the interior, but also includes the exterior. After all, why would you choose to see something you have worked and strived hard for slowly degrade?

It is not uncommon to forget regularly scheduled maintenance for the exterior parts of the house, especially the roof and the siding. You could be also unaware of the fact that parts of the exterior should be also be cleaned, if you are a new homeowner. There are many ways of taking care of this, however, this one solution just blows every other solution out of the water, and that is power/pressure washing!

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